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The HE Computing Final Year Projects live from the David Hockney Building

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Come along to the Bradford College University Centre Final Year Project Open Day.

Our Year 3 students will be showcasing all their hard work over the last three to four years in their own personal projects before their Graduation.

It is their chance to display their skills and talents across a variety of computer base disciplines, from internet development, networking, technical support and games and multimiedia. This is your chance to see the talent of tomorrow, today!

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Why an Open Day?

The Project Open Day aims to showcase our undergraduates' final year projects and their outcomes to an audience of academics, potential employers, examiners and members of the university community. For our students it is a momentous occasion, the culmination of an entire year's work and an opportunity to present and demonstrate a truly interesting project. The projects themselves aim to employ the best of each student's technical and creative abilities in putting into practice skills and knowledge gained through study, while presentations focus on effectively involving an audience of varied technical abilities and understanding in the project.

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Talent for Your Companies Future

The Project Open Day is an opportunity for all our undergraduate students to present their own project that they have developed as part of their individual project module taken in their third or fourth years of study. Members of the University community and external visitors including potential employers, alumni, and external examiners are invited to the Open Day. We are very proud of the work of our students and hope you will be able to join us on the day.

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Potential Employers

Get a chance to see our undergraduate students prior to graduation. Take advantage of the possibility of inviting some of them to hold further discussions regarding potential employment with your company. It will also give you the chance to provide the HE Computing department with feedback on the exisiting skills of our students and help us design our future coures specifically to cater to the future needs of your business.

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